Tom Bailey-Smith - Editor Assessments
  • Tom Bailey-Smith is a senior editor at Allen & Unwin and was previously an editor at Hachette Australia, as well as having a stint at Zeitgeist Media Group literary agency while completing postgraduate studies in editing and publishing.


    Tom has worked across the fiction, nonfiction, lifestyle, children’s and academic spheres, with authors such as Alex Miller, Cameron Smith, Mark Brandi, Rod Laver, Gabbie Stroud, Samantha Armytage, Madonna King, David Leser, David W. Cameron, Jane Gleeson-White, Libby Trickett, Roland Perry, Professor Ron McCallum, Ewa Ramsey, Rohan Wilson, Nakkiah Lui, Michael Veitch, A.L. Tait, Troy Cassar-Daley and Jennifer Cossins.


    Tom is looking at all adult fiction or nonfiction stories.


    He is not looking at Children or YA works.

    Tom Bailey-Smith - Editor Assessments

    • Feedback

      Tom will be providing verbal feedback with his assessments

    • Assessment Categories

      Manuscripts  including

      • Biographies
      • Crime
      • Current affairs
      • Fantasy
      • History
      • Literary Fiction
      • Mystery
      • Narrative Non-Fiction
      • Non-Fiction
      • Romance
      • Speculative Fiction
      • Sport
      • Thrillers
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