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Anna Whateley



Date of Success:

Anna Whateley writes ‘own voice’ young adult fiction, and her debut novel Peta Lyre's Rating Normal is scheduled for publication in 2020 with Allen & Unwin.  She holds a PhD in Literature from Queensland University of Technology and has studied and worked in both in Australia and the UK. 

She also enjoys teaching future teachers, parenting future adults, and reading her work to two exceptionally patient dogs.


I booked for the 2018 CYA Conference thinking I would be pitching a chapter book and possibly a middle grade novel. After meeting the organisers at another event I quickly realised how supportive CYA would be, and I found myself booking young adult manuscript assessment - before I had actually written the novel! Luckily, I work well with deadlines. CYA was the fastest and most cost effective way to get editorial feedback. I also needed to hear the talks and learn from the professionals. 

After a nerve wracking day of pitches and feedback I had 4/4 requests for full manuscripts on the YA novel, and 2/2 on chapter book. I could hardly believe it! Shortly after, Danielle Binks of Jacinta diMase signed me up for the YA novel. Early in 2019 we signed a contract with Allen & Unwin! Peta Lyre's Rating Normal is scheduled for publication in 2020, and I'm thrilled. 


There's nothing like the personal contact of a pitch session, and we are so lucky to have the opportunity right here in Brisbane. I'll be back every year!

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