CYA Success Wall

Every now and again, CYA Conference hears from someone who succeeds in the CYA Genre, and it's owing to an influence, a contact, a competition entry or some other element from CYA Conference that directly helped them along their journey to publication.


This page is a record of CYA Conference success stories.

Thank you everyone for sharing even a tiny part of your journey and for attending/being part of the CYA Conference since inception in 2006. 


We are so proud of you all!!! 

And we hope to see many many more faces and share more successes with you in the future.


If you have been ‘helped’ along by CYA Conference in any way, and you are not on this page, but should be  - please send us a photograph and +-100 word blurb, so we can add you into the CYA Success Stories wall.