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Elizabeth Kasmer



Date of Success:

Elizabeth is a writer of children’s and young adult fiction. Her debut novel, Becoming Aurora, was awarded Emerging Queensland Writer – Manuscript Award 2015 and was published in August 2016 through UQP.


She currently lives on the Sunshine Coast with her husband, three boys, a dog and a snake.


My writing journey began in 2012 when I tentatively entered the CYA picture book competition. After receiving the feedback sheets, I re-entered the manuscript and in 2013 was awarded 2nd place. This win gave me much needed confidence to keep persevering with my writing and in 2014 my young adult manuscript, Aurora, was awarded first place.


In 2015 I plucked up the courage to pitch my manuscript to editors and agents who showed interest in my work and offered valuable feedback.


A few months after the 2015 conference it was announced I had been awarded the Emerging Queensland Writer – Manuscript Award. Part of the prize included a contract with UQP and my novel, Becoming Aurora, was published in 2016.


CYA provided me with not only the stepping stones to publication, but more importantly the opportunity to become part of a writing community.

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