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Competitions Close 14 April 

Published Authors

Writing for the children's and young adults' markets



This contest is open to current published writers worldwide,

  • Who have two or more books published within this section’s genres in any form, print to eBook. This includes trade, partner and self-publishing.



Open theme


Writing for Children and Young Adults Genres:


  • P01) Picture Book Texts: Up to 3 picture book texts can be entered together as ONE entry. (No synopsis is necessary for picture books, but separate pitches for each story must be present.)



  • P02) YA/Middle grade: First 12,500 words, pitch and a synopsis of up to 600 words.

  • P10) Writing for the Adults Genres - click here.

We recommend you read the competition guidelines prior to submitting your entries.

Entry and Prizes

Prize for each section

The overall winner of the combined sections will have a video consultation for 15 minutes with the competition's final judge.


The winning entry and short-listed finalist will be judged by a publisher of children’s books, with no guarantee of publication. Author retains copyright.

Entry Fee

$45.50 (includes GST) eftpos/credit card only. No cash or cheques.

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