Conference FAQ

please note some of these questions relate to the onsite conference and are not relevant for 2021.

If in doubt please email us at 

Are my email questions going to be answered on the FAQ page?

We do try to answer all questions personally, but we will take your questions and put them on the FAQ's too, to help anyone else who’s too shy to email in.

I've recently found out that the sessions on Sunday are also relevant to children's writers. Is there a way I can change my ticket to a weekend one and still get the weekend discount?

We've tried to make the Sunday relevant to writers of all age group. If you've only booked for the Saturdays and would like to change to a weekend ticket, please email us at and we'll send you a code so you can get the discounted second days.

Can I book an assessment if I haven't yet booked for conference?

You can book your assessments before you book for conference, but you need to book for the conference before doing your assessment.

Can I get an editor /agent assessment and not attend CYA Conference?

Assessment sessions are only for people attending the conference.

The Editor/Agent Assessment Fee - is that for one assessment only?

Yes. One 15 minute pitch and they pre-read your work and give you feedback.

Assessment sessions are only for people attending the conference.

When must my assessment work be submitted?

All work must be submitted by 15 May or at the time of booking, which ever is the later.

Can we select our assessment times?

No. Times are assigned by the conference co-ordinators

Do I have to be coming to conference to attend a bootcamp?

You can attend a bootcamp without attending conference.

Where is the conference held?

The conference is online again in 2021. Session times are shown in Australian Eastern Standard times (AEST). 

All sessions will be recorded and available for a week after the presentation date. 

Important: CYA will not be held responsible for any electronic malfunctions, quality issues, etc resulting in poor quality playback or sessions not being available.

Paying off Conference - Am I allowed to make a few successive payments over a few months for the total amount?

Payment plans are now available when completing your registration.

Full payment is required by 30 June 2021.

A non-refundable 10% deposit is required when paying by payment plan.

Use the promo code week, fort, or month to pay using a payment plan

I am a student via correspondent study. Does this qualify for the Student Discount? I have a Student Card.

You get a concession price - remember to put your student number on the booking sheet.

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