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CYA Conference is in the fortunate position to enable us to help others in their plight to literacy and numeracy.

The Mother Africa Trust  - Zimbabwe, Africa

Mobile Library - Papua New Guinea 


Book Collections for both these projects:

We collect and accept donations of children’s and young adult books from 0 years upwards, preloved and new, fiction/non-fiction/textbooks/anything, all book donations welcome! 


We are also collecting school supplies.


Please note that owing to the cost of transporting the books between capital cities, we can no longer accept collections in cities other than Brisbane, unless the donor is willing to pay the courier fees.  If you do have books in other cities, we do know of other organisations in some of those cities that would love to have them - please let us know, and we will try and help you with them.


South East Qld Collections:

Tina Marie Clark

Mobile: 0408 751 208



If you can contact us for donations of any children’s and YA books, preloved and new, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you, everyone, for all your help in these projects. 

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Books For PNG

 Mobile Library PNG Project

A bit about Papua New Guinea.


Lying just south of the equator, 160km north of Australia, Papua New Guinea is part of a great arc of mountains stretching from Asia, through Indonesia and into the South Pacific.  With a vibrant and colourful Papua New Guinea culture, more than 600 islands and 800 indigenous languages, Papua New Guinea is made up of 4 regions with 20 provinces. (Thank you 


Base 1 - MBE - Milne Bay Estates Mobile Library (Milne Bay Province) - 1929 Km's from Brisbane.

Base 2 - HOPPL - Higaturu Oil Palm Plantations Ltd (Oro Province) - 2131 Km's from Brisbane. 

Base 3 - NBPOL - New Britain Palm Oil Limited (West New Britain).  


There are a decent number of other bases, and we go right up into the highlands now too. 


From these bases, the books are distributed across the provinces, and across the islands.


Places these books are reaching:

  • Dogura - North Coast of Milne Bay (2hr drive and 1-hour boat ride) - 1750 books for their High School and a few of the local Elementary and Primary Schools.  

  • HOPPL  - Base 2 - to help them set up their first library which has now arrived in Port and should be almost on the ground at the school…291kms away from Base 1 and a huge mountain range between them.

  • Misima Island (formerly called St. Aignan) (45-minute flight) the first week of July delivering books to High School and Elementary/Primary Schools.  The books will go by boat before Kate - it's a 17-hour boat ride.

  • An Island in Morobe Province - Siassi Island.  

Books for PNG
Mother Africa Trust
Mother Africa Trust.jpg

CYA Conference is proud to support literacy in Zimbabwe through The Mother Africa Trust. We are raising money to send money for books and school supplies to The Mother Africa Trust in Zimbabwe.

eBay auctions already held

Best selling author Tony Park - donated to the cause: Your name as a character in Tony Park’s next book - this was brought by an undisclosed buyer who gave this gift as a Christmas present.

Thank you so much, Tony! 

Arbonne Hamper - donated by Tania McMurtrie was bought by a lady in the Brisbane area. 

Thank you so much Tania!

A few details about the Perth Dinner 6 December 2012

Nineteen of us got together at  Zebras African Steak House,  Bicton, Perth,  Thank you to Jerrald Swindells who owns this restaurant, for your faith in humanity and constant support of people in Africa, especially in Zimbabwe. 


The guest speakers were:

Best selling author Tony Park - And we had the Perth Launch of Dark Heart. 

Sharon Stead from The Mother Africa Trust, in Zimbabwe, showed us a fabulous video of the work that the trust does, both in education and conservation.​

Sold on the night

Tony Park donated the profit proceeds from his books sold on the night.

Caroline Tuohey donated one tea towel and carry bag that had an original children’s poem printed on them.

Rebecca Newman, who is the Editor, Alphabet Soup magazine, donated  1-year subscriptions to Alphabet Soup magazine, (it's a quarterly magazine, so the prize includes 4 issues per subscription). Everyone who attended the dinner also received a free back issue of this magazine to take home, look at and hopefully subscribe to…


A HUGE thank you to everyone who donated time, energy and tangible items!

Special thank yous

Sharon Stead who was visiting from Zimbabwe, and took time out from her family for this function. 

Macmillan Publishers, Australia for their support. 


Anita Bell, who helped spread the word of the auctions on Facebook and twitter for us.


Nikki Logan, who without having on the ground before hand, I would have been lost.


A fabulous night….Sharon Stead, Tina Marie Clark and Tony Park.

About The Mother Africa Trust



Mission Statement:

"…The Mother Africa organisation believes that one person can make a difference.  Like nature herself, change will be a gradual process.  But we are confident, with care and nurturing, this might be the first time an organisation has actually changed the face of this resilient country in a gradual and quiet way – just like the very nature of Africa herself…

Siabonga (thank you)"


Extracts from The Mother Africa Trust Facebook Page:


This is a true life extraction from the Mother Africa Trust Facebook page from Darlington Tshuma, a graduate of  Cyrene High School who has gone on to University now, because of the help from the Trust.

Mother Africa FB.png

If you have anything you would like to discuss about The Mother Africa Project please don't hesitate to contact Tina on : 


    Tel: 07 3408 7885

    Mobile: 0408 751 208

Mother Africa
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