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Online Writing Bootcamps 
23rd & 24th July 2022AEST
Important Information

Please note that any assessments and bootcamps booked after 10 May for the 2022 conference are non-refundable.

The Bootcamp is a day spent with an editor where you will receive feedback on your work in small group sessions, time to work on your manuscripts followed by a progress session where they will give you further feedback, there is also a discussion panel and a Q&A session. 



Places for the Bootcamp are strictly limited to four people per group, with each editor working with two groups. 

Groups will be divided into

  • Adults Novels 

  • Chapter Books & Young Adult Novels (Group 1)

  • Illustrations

  • Picture Books (Group 2)


Bootcamp days cost A$264 (including GST).

Please read the Terms and Conditions page for cancellation information.

Schedule times subject to change. (AEST)

bootcamp v3.png


There will be no discussion panel or Q&A at the 3rd & 17th July Bootcamps. Attendees will be invited to attend the 24th July sessions.

July 2021 Bootcamp Ranger

Dee White will be the Bootcamp Ranger for the July Bootcamps.


Dee will be available to offer suggestions if you get stuck doing your revisions or have any questions.

Dee White

Registration for these events requires a conference or bootcamp booking, and us setting up some additional access for you.
If you get an access message, please email

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2022 Bootcamp Leaders