Brenda Gurr - Editor Assessments
  • Brenda is the author and editor of numerous books and educational resources for children, including fiction and nonfiction titles with New Frontier Publishing, Heinemann and Macmillan Education. Her popular chapter book series, The Fabulous Cakes of Zinnia Jakes, was published in 2020. Brenda is an accredited editor with the Institute of Professional Editors in Australia (IPEd). She has been the editor at Red Paper Kite Publishing since 2018.


    She is interested in quirky stories with international appeal that foster a sense of wonder in readers.


    Brenda will not be assessing rhyming stories.


    About Red Paper Kite
    Red Paper Kite is a new, independent boutique publisher of picture books.
    Based in Perth, it was established in 2018 by French illustrator Sandra van Doorn who, as a child, used to scribble in all her schoolbooks. It got her into much trouble, but she firmly argued it was supposed to be that way.

    Today it can be that way: by adding colour-in pages to all their stories Red Paper Kite gives everyone space (and permission) to draw and scribble in books, inspiring children and grown-ups alike to be the illustrator and the author.

    Our philosophy is simple; creating quality picture books with an art flair, filled with quirky fun stories for young and old - all the while making sure our books reflect the world we live in.


    At the core of everything we do at Red Paper Kite is a commitment to celebrate talented illustrators and authors from around the world, and a strong respect for the people we work with. We believe cultural diversity helps create richer narratives.


    Find us at www.redpaperkite.com

    Brenda Gurr - Editor Assessments

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