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Chanelle Gosper



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Chanelle’s love of reading, rhythm, and word-play has for many years fuelled a means of personal expression through song writing, poetry and short stories. Never dreaming writing could ever be more than a hobby, Chanelle started her career as a primary school teacher before her need for adventure and new experiences took her around the world and in new professional directions.


In 2020, after finally getting the courage to share some of her writing with some very supportive family and friends, Chanelle took the plunge and began seriously pursuing a career in writing for children. She was thrilled to have her first picture book contracted to Hachette Australia a year later and looks forward to its release in early 2023.


New to the world of children’s literature (apart from the hundreds of titles I devoured in my own childhood) I had little idea where to start with having my own work published. The CYA Conference was recommended to me by another author who suggested by attending I could learn some tips, meet some great people and get some useful feedback on my own work, and so I booked to attend the 2021 conference.


It may have been the best professional advice I ever received. Not only did I learn bucketloads about writing for kids, including how subjective the world of publishing is and not to give up if things don’t happen quickly, I found myself connecting with a community of amazing, passionate people who were so encouraging and generous with their time and knowledge.


This alone would have been enough to propel me forward with my writing. However, I did take the opportunity to also seek specific feedback from an editor at a great publishing house about what I was doing well and what I could work on. Beyond my wildest dreams, this assessment session led to my work being contracted for publishing by Hachette Australia a few months later.


I am so grateful to the CYA team and everyone who collaborates in the conference to make it such an enriching experience for attendees. I’m looking forward to learning more at the next one!

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