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Karen Comer

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Karen Comer writes middle-grade and young adult verse novels.

She’s a freelance editor, who also facilitates a weekly writing group and presents writing workshops to schools and holiday programs.

Karen blogs about literary matters at

She lives with her family in Melbourne.


CYA has given me the opportunity to share my writing with publishing experts and receive feedback. I submitted the first 2,500 words of my middle-grade verse novel to an agent and a few editors. Before my first meeting with agent Danielle Binks from Jacinta di Mase Management, Danielle asked to see the full manuscript. She emailed me some positive feedback before our meeting, then offered to represent me in our meeting. Dream come true! We're now working together to pitch my two verse novels to publishers later in the year.


I'm grateful to all the CYA volunteers who do so much invisible work behind the scenes, and to all the agents and editors who offer their professional advice.

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