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Celine Eimann



Date of Success:

Celine is a Swiss born artist who is now based in Sydney.


She studied fine arts in Switzerland and Visual Communication Design at Billy Blue College of Graphic Arts in Sydney.


As far as she can recall, Celine always had a passion for painting, staining, colouring almost everything within the reach of her fingertips (which sometimes got her in trouble, but mainly was a lot of fun)!


More recently she also started writing and illustrating children stories, which will be soon available in English and in French.


Flying last minute to attend the conference after learning that I won an illustration prize was a good intuition...I met the very nice editing team from IP Kidz, and signed my first publication contract. "The Green Stone-Muncher" will be published later in 2010.


I am so grateful to the CYA team for their amazing support during the event and afterwards.


It's a dream come true!

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