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Karen Collum



Date of Success:

Optimistic, energetic and enthusiastic, Karen is passionate about books that celebrate togetherness, embrace individuality and empower each reader, no matter how small, to do their part in making the world a better place. She is the author of three picture books due for release in 2010 - Fish Don’t Need Snorkels, When I Look at You: A book about feelings and Samuel’s Kisses. Karen currently lives in Melbourne with her husband, three young sons, two dogs, two chickens and an upside-down swimming goldfish named Gus.


You can visit Karen on her web site:


‘I submitted Samuel’s Kisses in the picture book section of CYA in 2008. It was the first competition I’d ever entered and I was so nervous. I was absolutely shocked, stunned and delighted when I discovered I’d made the top ten.


Even better than that, however, were the comments I received from the judges. They absolutely loved Samuel’s Kisses and felt it was ready for publication, and they wished me luck in finding the right publisher.


Entering the CYA competition gave me confidence in my own writing that I otherwise would not have had. To have experienced judges validate the quality of my manuscript was fantastic.


Straight off the high of the CYA experience, I started submitting to publishers and within six months Samuel’s Kisses was accepted by New Frontier Publishing.


It sounds clichéd, but it really is a dream come true. Samuel’s Kisses was release in December, 2010

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