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Alison Ashley



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Alison casts her eye warily to the doorway as the darkened shape drifts past. She wants to call out, but she’s home alone and knows this shadow won’t respond. A book falls from the shelf, the TV bursts into life and a handprint with no owner appears on the glass coffee table.’


This is just a snippet of the spooky things that go on in Alison’s house.


Needless to say, some of this paranormal activity makes its way into her novels and some of the spirits even found their way into the photos taken during the launch of her brand new YA novel, Phoenix!


It was a last minute impulse to enter Phoenix into the published author category of the 2009 competition, and I’m really glad I trusted that instinct as I was awarded 2nd place!


This gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of publishing my YA paranormal series, The Fifth Shadow, and after working with a professional children’s editor to polish my words.


I published the first title, Phoenix, in May 2011.

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