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Mo Davey



Date of Success:

Ramona AKA Mo was born in Jersey, Channel Islands and now resides in Sydney. She is an experienced primary teacher, and now teaches art part-time. With the rest of her time she writes and illustrates picture books.

Mo also runs a picture book writers group at NSW Writers centre and is currently building her illustration portfolio.


CYA has been a huge part of my writing and illustrating career! I had my first hint of success and a feeling that my writing was heading in the right direction when I came 3rd place for my middle grade, 1st place for a chapter book and 1st place for a picture book manuscript a few years ago. I can't believe it has been almost ten years since I first started attending CYA Conferences and I have finally made it as a published author/illustrator for a picture book called 'I am Tree Rex!' Feedback from an assessment during a CYA conference was instrumental in getting this manuscript to the place where it is today and I am forever thankful!

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