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Julie Fison


2010 2021

Date of Success:

Over the past decade, Julie has written eleven books for children and young adults, a play, short stories and travel articles. Her books include How to Get to Rio and The Call of the Wild, both popular internationally, the Hazard River adventure series for young readers and books in the Smitten series for young adults. Julie's play for high school students - As the Crow Flies weaves a tale of sport and spirits and is published by Australia Plays. She is a regular guest on ABC radio and speaks at schools and festivals about her stories. Prior to writing fiction, she worked in television news in London, Hong Kong and Australia.


“Many thanks to the team at CYA for putting together such valuable conferences. I greatly benefited from hearing how successful authors approach the art of writing and learning what makes a great children’s story. I also valued the chance to meet authors, publishers and agents. Nothing beats face-to-face contact in a competitive space like children’s fiction. The CYA conference successfully puts all the necessary information for new writers into one weekend. I’d recommend it to aspiring authors of books for children and young adults.”

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