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Michelle Write



Date of Success:

Michelle Write, is a Children's Author best known for her award-winning picture book My Happy Sad Mummy, which deals with mental health themes. Her second picture book, Together Things, also deals with issues related to mental health. As an Educator and Mental Health Ambassador these books are an important part of her mental health advocacy work.

Michelle also enjoys writing light-hearted, humorous stories. She loves writing characters kids will fall in love with and stories they want to read over and over. She is currently working on three JF series and a MG novel. It is her dream these series and novel will soon be in the hands of readers all over the world!



I attended a number of assessments with publishers and agents alike.

I received invitations to submit my manuscripts but I was fortunate enough to be taken on by Agent Fiona Smith from Beyond Words Literary Agency. Fiona will be both mentoring and representing me. Thanks so much to all the CYA team for providing such wonderful opportunities.

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