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Ky Garvey



Date of Success:

Ky is a Brisbane based writer and mum to two boys who are both diagnosed with ADHD & ASD. Through her experiences with her boys, she has been inspired to write fun and engaging stories that turn challenges into triumphs. Her aim is to share supportive, inclusive & empowering stories for children. She is also the writer & host of the podcast Totally Lit!, a monthly podcast celebrating reading, writing & creating literature. The podcast features amazing writers, illustrators & all types of creators of books & stories.


CYA has been a wonderful place to contact with other authors and learn more about the world of writing for children. I had a wonderful manuscript assessment with Leanne Lim from Ethicool books CYA 2021. She helped me with tips to polish my manuscript and it has been accepted for publication with EK Books in 2023. Thank you to all the team at CYA for all the work you put in to support writers and illustrators who create for children and young adults!

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