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Jennifer Loakes



Date of Success:

Jennifer is a Brisbane-based writer and psychologist. Her first picture book, Mate and Me, was published in August 2015 and her second picture book, Love was hiding, is due to be published in May 2018.


Jennifer writes stories with heart, drawing on her experience as a psychologist. She currently works for the Queensland Government and designs organisational initiatives to deliver high-performing, engaged and happy employees.


Her latest book, Love was hiding, explores the love a mother gives her child through her daily mothering duties.


My first picture book, Mate and Me was published in 2015. The story has quite a history with CYA - I pitched it to Maryanne Ballantyne from Black Dog Books in 2011 and entered it in the primary school picture book competition in 2012.


The feedback I got from these experiences definitely helped shape my story.


I found the CYA workshops really beneficial too. Meredith Costain's picture book master class in 2010 is one that springs to mind. I knew very little when I came along to her class (All picture books are 32 pages long? Really?). I got so much encouragement and confidence from CYA conferences. This made me believe that I could do it too.


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