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Sue-Ellen Pashley



Date of Success:

A writer of copious amounts of words (because if they didn’t come out, she’s sure her head would explode), Sue-Ellen writes everything from heart-warming romances to young adult fantasies to picture books. A best-selling, internationally published author, she’s an eternal optimist who enjoys making things difficult for her protagonists, but loves a satisfying ending. She loves quirky shoes, dark chocolate and a good tea.


Apart from the fact that attending CYA over quite a few years has meant I've met so many other beautiful authors and friends, as well as constantly updating my author knowledge, CYA provides the opportunity for assessments with industry professionals. And it was from one of these, with Carolyn Martinez from Hawkeye Books, that I was able to secure a contract for my middle grade book "Clamory: The Magic of Adeline Black".


It's my first foray into this age group, so it was fantastic to be able to be supported over such a great weekend by the absolute stars that are the CYA team.

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