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Sue-Ellen Pashley



Date of Success:

A writer of copious amounts of words – just because if they didn’t come out, she’s sure they’d make her head explode – Sue-Ellen has nine published YA and adult stories: Aquila, When Henry Met Gina, The Jade Goddess, Streamer, The Flight, Talon Marked, The Rise, Blue, Booked for Murder.

Her children’s picture book: The Jacket, is due to be released in Australia, UK and the US and in Korea in 2022


In her 'other' life, Sue-Ellen is a social worker living in Central Queensland with her family, two dogs and a snake called Slide. She loves quirky shoes, dark chocolate and good tea. An eternal optimist, she enjoys making things difficult for her protagonists but loves a satisfying ending.


In 2016, I attended CYA for the first time... and loved it.

The friendliness, the opportunities to both learn and pitch, the support – worth the journey down to Brisbane each year since (or doing it online – thanks Covid!).

In this first year, I had an assessment with Maryann Ballantyne from Blackdog Books (part of Walker Books) and was offered a contract for my picture book ‘The Jacket’. To say I was excited doesn’t quite do it justice and everyone at CYA were so beautifully supportive.

And while the journey has been a little longer than I expected (The Jacket came out in 2019), CYA allowed me to have the opportunity to pitch in the first place.

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