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K.H. Canobi



Date of Success:

K. H. Canobi writes fiction for young adults and children. She is a cognitive scientist with expertise in developmental psychology who holds an honorary research fellowship at The University of Melbourne. Her futuristic YA thriller, Mindcull will be published by Ford Street Publishing in 2019. As a mother of four young book devourers, she wrote Mindcull to explore how we find our own path and develop authentic relationships when technology can disguise the truth and serve as an escape from reality. She is currently working on a magical realism middle-grade adventure set on a rural Australian island.


It was somewhat daunting to go to a conference where I didn’t know anyone. But the community of children’s and YA writers and illustrators at CYA was warm and friendly. I had been trying to find a home for my first novel for almost a year when I went to the conference in Brisbane. I remember listening to the success stories at the start and thinking, “Maybe in a few years, that will be me.” I was struck by how supportive people were. The short pitches were a great opportunity to talk to industry professionals face-to-face. I booked a five-minute pitch with five people, including Meredith Costain of Ford Street Publishing, and found it really encouraging when all five invited me to follow up. A few weeks later, I was thrilled to hear back from Ford Street.


I am really grateful for the opportunities that the CYA conference opened up.

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