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Renée Treml



Date of Success:

Renée is a writer and illustrator whose first book, One Very Tired Wombat, was published by Random House Australia in September 2012. Since then, she has written and illustrated over twenty books, including Ten Little Owls, Once I Heard a Little Wombat and the graphic novel series featuring Sherlock Bones.

Born in the United States, Renée moved to Australia in 2007 where she became fascinated with Australian wildlife. Although she received her education in environmental science and trained as a botanical illustrator, Renée now spends her time writing and illustrating books for children.


For my first CYA Conference in 2011, I entered sample images for One Very Tired Wombat in the Illustrated Picture Book/Graphic Novel Competition. I was overjoyed when Tina emailed me before the conference to inform me that I was short-listed in the category and an editor requested my contact information.


While at the conference, I made several new friends – some who were also new to the industry and others who were experienced authors and illustrators. The conference organizers and attendees were so energetic and supportive and I learned so much about the children’s book industry. I am really looking forward to learning more at the 2012 Conference.


As a direct result of the CYA Competition, my picture book was picked up by Random House Australia and will be published in 2012.


Note from CYA Conference:


Renée was recently interviewed and appeared in the March 2012 issue of : MapMagazine.


This is the link to read it online.


Congratulations Renée !

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