Competition Stats

Now that the competitions are closed we thought it'd be fun to share a few stats.

Once again we've received entries from all over the world and it was lovely to see an increase in entries from Argentina. We look forward to reading everyone's entries

73% of entries were received in the last week (read this weekend). Shall we just open the competition in March next year for two weeks or would you prefer us to add a session to the conference on procrastination? 😇

While we don't have all the stats yet for The Illustration Station and CYA Conference Award 2021 we do know that more than triple the normal number of entries have been received so a huge thank you to The Illustration Station for reaching out to us as a partner.

Thank you to everyone who has registered as a judge for this year's competition. You'll be hearing from us real soon. If you've missed the opportunity to register as a judge this year you can always put your name down for next year to get the cost of the conference tickets down.

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