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Malorie Cooper

Malorie Cooper has been a full time author since 2018 and is a NYT Best Selling Author. Jill Cooper started self publishing in 2012 and hit the USA Today Best Selling List. Together, they have hit and maintained five figure income per month and their fiction has brought in over 1.75 million dollars in fiction revenue. Together they have built their marketing firm The Writing Wives, to teach authors how to sell more books and earn more money! They provide classes, consulting, and coaching videos. Malorie Cooper has spent her time traveling the globe to teach authors on how to: Launch their career,  Launch their books, And taught them how to run Facebook Ads for profit. They are the authors of the popular, Help! My Facebook Ads Suck book. Using the basic principals in the book they teach monthly classes, do 1-on-1 consults, and run marketing mentorships.

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