4th July 2015                                                                                 

BECKET 10years fireworks

Our TENTH CYA Conference program will be held on 4th July 2015 at Southbank Institute of Technology (TAFE), 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane. (Block H)

This conference is aimed as professional development for new and established writers and illustrators of Children’s and Young Adult literature. Master classes and workshops will be conducted by authors, illustrators and industry professionals. On site:  Ben Long, Jacqui Honeywood, Kaz DelaneyMeredith Costain, Morris Gleitzman, Paul Collins and Sarah Davis. Editors on site: Karen Tayleur - Five Mile Press, Australia, Lisa Berryman - Harper Collins, Australia, Maryann Ballantyne - Blackdog books, Imprint of Walker Books Australia, Katrina Lehman  -  Penguin Books, Australia, Rochelle Manners - Wombat Books & Rhiza Press, Kristina Schulz - University of Queensland Press (UQP) and Suzanne O’Sullivan, Hachette Australia. Agents on site: Alex Adsett  - Alex Adsett Agent , Jacinta di Mase - Jacinta di Mase Management, Tara Wynne - Curtis Brown Australia. Web Designer: Rebecca Timmis - Vanilla Web Design, Self Publishing: Tadaa Children’s Booksmith.

Our CYA success stories will once again show cased that CYA Conference is making a difference in aspiring authors and illustrators in helping them on their road to publication.

Editor and agent appointments as well as a web site development critique will be held, these are 15 minute one-on-one style, work pre-read/previewed appointments.

Competition Season opens with a staggered start from:12th January 2015.

Bookings Open 3rd March 2015.                          

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What to expect at CYA Conference (2014 short wrap up)

Thank you to be wonderful Peter Allert who put this together for us - its just beautiful and captures the spirit of CYA Conference perfectly! 

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