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Tadaa is a team of creatives from around the world. They provide self-publishing services for independent authors.

The founders, Ozan and Anil are a designer & illustrator couple based in Brisbane. They started creating children’s books together in 2008. After relocating to Australia, they continued doing what they love to do and Tadaa was born in 2013.

As the booksmiths of Tadaa, their primary job is making the self-publishing journey easier, satisfactory and enjoyable for their authors. Focusing on art direction, illustration, and design; they aim to create great-looking books that can compete with all other beautiful books out there.

Anil and Ozan are happy to have a chat about all aspects of self-publishing with anyone interested in that pathway. No need to book, just prepare your questions and find them at their stall.

Note: NO CONTRACTS will be signed during CYA Conference.

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