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.....we're back...

Well, it's been a fair bit since our last blog post but we're finally back.

While some festivals are planning to try and go in-person in 2022, we're decided to stay online as we do not feel confident that we're going to be able to move around and gather in large groups in a manner that will keep all our community safe.

Of course this does mean that we'll get four weeks of activities again with the ability to attend everything, rather than getting one weekend and having to make the difficult choices of what to see and what to miss. So we hope that you’ll stick with us while we arrange an awesome program for you.

The dates for 2022 are:

Assessment sessions - 2nd & 3rd July

Adult Genres Writing Classes - 10th, 17th and 24th July

Bootcamps - 23rd (Adults) & 24th July (Children and Young Adult)

Bookings are open and anyone purchasing an assessment or bootcamp pre-release tickets will get first priority when the editors are released in the coming weeks.

Payment plans are once again available — just use the codes month, fort or week at checkout.

And of course there's the competitions which we're almost finished getting ready to open in the next couple of days.

We have also reset the date for the free session: Getting ready for submission with WORD, which I’d originally planned for September 2021, so you can book that too. It will cover how to get your CYA competition, assessments, and bootcamp work ready using Word. It will include some useful Word functionality that will help you avoid losing points in the judging of the competition. Hope to you on Saturday 29th January 2022.

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year, and it is filled with inspiration and wonderful words and illustrations.


and the CYA Team.

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