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Mapping your fantastic books to create outstanding school content

J.E. Miller

Join J.E. Miller, an experienced teacher and author, on July 13th as she guides you through aligning your books with the Australian Curriculum. Learn how to create compelling educational materials, including author visits and teacher notes.


Students crave engaging content tailored to their interests, while teachers require resources that meet diverse needs, align with standards, and incorporate evidence-based teaching methods.


Attend this interactive workshop with one of your books and let Julie assist you in mapping its curriculum connections.


Julie is a past teacher and literacy specialist, Julie is a Development Associate for Hawkeye Publishing, a fundraising director for Rotary, and an executive on the board of Brisbane Book Authors. She has been awarded a Meritorious Commissioners Commendation, the Disaster Recovery Citation, the Assistant Commissioners Shield, the Queensland Meritorious Service Medal, and the Australian National Service Medal for significant service.

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