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Bren MacDibble

Bren MacDibble spent 18 years writing short stories and children's educational fiction until the golden chariot of The Ampersand Prize arrived to whisk her away... or at least deliver a publishing deal with Hardie Grant Egmont for her first young adult novel. 

Another chariot arrived weeks later sent by Allen & Unwin to deliver a publishing deal for her first children's novel, and so the writer became two writers. Cally Black for YA and Bren MacDibble for children's fiction. Both novels (In the Dark Spaces & How to Bee) went on to win three major awards each as well as being shortlisted all over the place and Bren felt like the world was at her feet. 

The world felt that it'd delivered far too much at once so promptly delivered a couple of catastrophes to balance things up. With a firmer grip on reality, Bren went on to publish two more children's books. She offers ideas and writing techniques that worked for her.

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