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Dannika Patterson & Megan Forward

Dannika Patterson is a children’s author and freelance writer with degrees in Child Psychology and Journalism. With 10 children’s titles published since 2018 across trade, educational and not-for-profit markets, Dannika aims to educate, uplift and spark wonder through her writing and related workshops. Dannika’s children’s titles include: Jacaranda Magic, Scribbly Gum Secrets, SeaSpray17, My Tribe, Giving, Day & Night, Beach Kindy, Between The Cracks, Project Volcano and A Cyclone Called Celia.

Megan Forward Megan Forward is a Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlisted illustrator and author with a BA in Visual Arts and Education. As a child she loved art and reading, often creating little picture books for herself. Now she delights in combining her published picture books with connecting children and families with her love of nature, because you care for what you love.

Megan facilitates interactive STEAM (Science, Technology, English, Art and Maths) workshops for children using her picture books as stimulus. She is passionate about teaching sustainability to children, engendering a love of nature through literature, and helping them make real world connections across curriculum subjects. Megan has extensive experience speaking to children, families and educators, touring libraries, schools, kindergartens, environmental education organisations and community gardens. She holds a BA in Visual Arts and a BA in Teaching.

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