Dannika Patterson & Megan Forward

Dannika Patterson is a children’s author and freelance writer with degrees in Child Psychology and Journalism. With 10 children’s titles published since 2018 across trade, educational and not-for-profit markets, Dannika aims to educate, uplift and spark wonder through her writing and related workshops. Dannika’s children’s titles include: Jacaranda Magic, Scribbly Gum Secrets, SeaSpray17, My Tribe, Giving, Day & Night, Beach Kindy, Between The Cracks, Project Volcano and A Cyclone Called Celia.

Megan Forward is an award-winning illustrator, author, painter and printmaker who has had her work exhibited in galleries around Brisbane. She was awarded first prize in 2002 by the Queensland University of Technology in the category of Children's and Young Adult Literature for Illustrated Picture Book, as well as first and second place at the CYA Conference in 2012 and 2013 in the Illustration Picture Book category. Her studio is currently based in Manly Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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