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Emma Middleton

Emma Middleton is passionate about children's literature. She is an award winning writer, illustrator and artist. In 2017 Emma will have two titles released, The Lion in our Living Room; (Emma Middleton and Briony Stewart, Affirm Press) and, Clover's Big Ideas, (Georgie Donaghey and Emma Middleton, Little Pink Dog Books.) 

The wellspring for Emma's creative passion is fed by many past and present tributaries but it has two main sources. The first was a career as a professional ballet dancer with the Vienna Ballet in Europe before going on to establish her own Dance Academy in Melbourne. This culminated in the rewarding experience of teaching creative pursuits to a generation of children.  

The second was a successful career as a visual artist exhibiting work in prominent galleries throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Now, in children’s literature, Emma has found a place where her two past worlds have a natural creative confluence. 

Emma’s aim is to bring literature to life by actively involving children in her stories with drama, music and art.

CYA Conference is excited that Emma will be joining the CYA Conference Presenters on the Success Panel in 2018! 

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