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Kathy Hoopmann

Kathy Hoopmann has written over twenty books with translations into nineteen languages.  Her work sells widely in Australia, the UK, the US and the Middle East.  She has won, and been shortlisted for many literary awards worldwide including the Children’s Book Council of Australia Award, the ALCS Educational Award (UK), the Living Now Award (US) and has four times been awarded a Nautilus Award (US) which is granted to ‘books that change the world’.  Kathy is best known for her writing on autism spectrum disorders, mental illness and neurodiversity, in fiction and non-fiction, for children and adults, and was awarded the Autism Queensland Creative Futures Recognition Award for services to the Autism Community.

In 2020, her photo-illustrated book, All Birds Have Anxiety, was selected as part of the Reading Well Scheme to promote awareness of Mental Health in Children all over the United Kingdom. The simplicity, charm and insight of Kathy’s books have made them must-haves for children and adults worldwide.

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