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Kylie Kaden

Kylie Kaden knew writing was in her blood from a young age when she snuck onto her brother’s Commodore 64 to invent stories.

With a surfer-lawyer for a husband and three spirited sons, she stays sane by making things up for a living. Kylie can typically be found venting the day’s thoughts on her laptop (sometimes in the laundry so she can’t be found). She is also a columnist at My Child Magazine, but is the first to admit that despite having an honours degree in psychology, the wheels fall off at her place on a daily basis.

Kylie has published three novels, her debut, Losing Kate (2014) critically acclaimed, Missing You (2015) and The Day the Lies Began

(2019) which marked Kylie’s launch into the domestic noir-thriller market. Her latest novel, One of Us, will be published in 2022.

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