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Louise Guy
Louise Guy writes middle-grade fantasy adventure stories for children and contemporary women's fiction for adults.


In a desperate attempt to get her own son reading, in 2015 Louise took a break from writing women’s fiction and wrote the first Crafters’ Club book. Set in the world of Minecraft, Louise was amazed to discover that not only did one hundred million people play Minecraft, but the commercial viability of a game-based book series was huge.


Without hesitation she wrote more books in the series and embarked on a journey of self-publishing. That journey has seen book sales for the series rise in excess of 70,000 copies, the production of three audiobooks and a distribution agreement with Scholastic in the US for their schools book club market. As well as ten Crafters’ Club titles, Louise has self-published an additional two middle-grade titles and two women’s fiction titles. A further three titles are scheduled for release in the second half of 2018.


Alongside her own writing and publishing, Louise loves working with other authors to help guide them through the self-publishing process.

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