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Sam Bowring

Sam began writing at a young age, and his first book, ‘Sir Joshua and the Unprofessional Dragon’ was published when he was just nineteen.

His critically acclaimed fantasy series ‘The Broken Well Trilogy’ (Hachette, 2009), has reprinted four times, and sold over ten thousand copies. The first book of his 'Strange Threads' duology, 'The Legacy of Lord Regret' was selected as one of the 2012 '50 Books You Can't Put Down' list from 'Get Reading!', a showcase of titles chosen by the Australia Council.

Currently Sam has 16 books to his name across different genres. His most recent, ‘Scharlette Doesn’t Matter and Goes Time Travelling’ (2019), is a comic sci-fi adventure, and marks a foray into self-publishing.

Sam has also written various stage plays, for video games and television, designed a card game, and been a professional stand-up comedian over twenty years.

You can find books, clips and various things at his website,

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