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J.E. Miller

J. E. Miller writes inspiring stories for the young and young at heart.

Her focus on magical realism stems from a lifelong appreciation of the genre, often mistaken for fantasy, and a fascination of how it addresses contemporary social questions through drawing from legends, fables, and myths from our past.

She has two traditionally published picture books; one was a 2020 DaVinci Eye finalist, and the other was shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia’s 2023 Book of the Year Award. Her poetry was published in an anthology by the Australian Centre for Leadership for Women, and she is thrilled to be a returning CYA presenter.

A past teacher and literacy specialist, Julie is a Development Associate for Hawkeye Publishing, a fundraising director for Rotary, and an executive on the board of Brisbane Book Authors. She has been awarded a Meritorious Commissioners Commendation, the Disaster Recovery Citation, the Assistant Commissioners Shield, the Queensland Meritorious Service Medal, and the Australian National Service Medal for significant service.

She is also an experienced performer, frequently presenting at schools and online, and last year she opened for the original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page.

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12 July 2024 at 11:30:00 pm

Mapping school content

Join past teacher and author J.E. Miller as she unpacks the Australian Curriculum. She’ll show you how to map it to your fantastic books to create outstanding school content, including author visits and teacher notes.

Students are hungry to learn things that interest them. They need engaging content that won’t leave them wishing they were at the dentist.

Teachers are time poor and need content that ticks all their boxes: meets achievement standards across year levels, general capabilities, and cross-curriculum priorities, is flexible, catering to students from diverse backgrounds, and those with disabilities, and is relevant, current, and includes evidence-based pedagogy.

Bring one of your books along to this interactive workshop and let Julie help you map it out.

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