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Kirsty van der Veer - Editor Assessments

Kirsty is an Editor and Production Coordinator with over 7 years’ experience as a bookseller, Kirsty made the move to publishing after finishing her creative arts degree. She joined Pantera Press in 2019, where she is an Editor and Production Coordinator and manages the assessments of Pantera Press’ unsolicited submissions.


Kirsty enjoys stories with complex and interesting characters and a plot that keeps you hooked. She is seeking fiction books in the following genres: commercial adult fiction, women's fiction, rom-coms, thriller and crime, fantasy/speculative (standalone books only), mystery, historical, and literary.


Kirsty is not looking for children's or YA books, illustrated books, fantasy series, memoir, self-help, or other

Kirsty van der Veer - Editor Assessments

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  • Feedback

    Kirsty will be providing verbal feedback with her assessments.

  • Assessment Categories

    • Adult literary fiction
    • Commercial adult fiction
    • Crime
    • Fantasy
    • Historical
    • Literary Fiction
    • Mystery
    • Romance
    • Speculative Fiction
    • Thrillers
    • Women's Fiction
  • Important

    Assessment sessions:

    • are only available to conference and bootcamp attendees.
    • may be booked before booking for the conference, but you must book for conference by 15 May 2024, or your session will be cancelled and not refunded.
    • have a $25.00 administration charge should you decide to cancel before 15 May 2024.
    • are non-refundable if cancelled after 15 May 2024, unless we are able to resell the session.
  • Last day to book

    22 June 2024

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