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Coral Huckstep Bootcamp

Coral is an editor on the Affirm Press kids list, where she has the pleasure of reading and editing wonderful manuscripts for children of all ages. Coral loves working with stories of all categories and genres and has a particular soft spot for heartfelt picture books and novels with authentic, funny main characters. She loves all stages of editing, from assessing the bigger picture to addressing the finer details, and everything in between. Above all, she loves the collaboration and creativity involved in bringing a manuscript through to publication and makes sure authors are at the centre of this exciting process.

Coral Huckstep Bootcamp

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  • Important

    Please note Bootcamps are non-refundable unless we can resell the session.

  • About the bootcamps

    The Bootcamp is a day spent with an editor where you will receive feedback on your work in small group sessions, time to work on your manuscripts followed by a progress session where they will give you further feedback, there is also a discussion panel and a Q&A session. 

    Places for the Bootcamp are strictly limited to four people per group, with each editor working with two groups. 

    Groups will be divided into

    • Chapter Books, including Young Adult Novels
    • Picture Books

    You do not need to be coming to the conference to join a bootcamp.

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