Registration And Booking

Note: While every care is taken in confirming this Program, it is subject to change without notice if circumstances beyond our control dictate.


Adult: $250 inc GST

Adult with concession: $ 210 inc GST

Hatchling (8 - 18 years old) : $ 177 inc GST 

Held at: TAFE Queensland Brisbane - South Bank Campus, 66 Ernest Street, South Brisbane.

Time: 8:00am - 5:30pm

Parking is $16.50 including GST for the Saturday only.

Please note that here are a few changes in the booking process this year.

I. You book and pay with Paypal.

2. Then you go and select your sessions, only after you have a conference number emailed to you.

3. You can change the booking selections yourself up to 2 weeks before (until 17th June) you can make changes. After that, this function will close for editing. 

4. CYA Confrence invoices will arrive a few days after your booking.


Time           Duration             Studio & Workshop/Masterclass/Presenter

Studio 1 

7:45 am   15 min       Registration & Morning Coffee

8:00 am   50 min       Conference Opening, Indigenous Acknowledgment, Competition Winners

8:50 am   40 min       Success Stories

9:30 am   90 min       Jackie French ~ In conversation with Jackie French ~ Hear from master story teller Jackie French, how she writes, what inspires her, keeps her in the industry for so long, and how she works with the amazing illustrators that help make her books magical.

11:05         15 min      Morning Tea

11:05       90 min       Jackie French ~ Master Class: Mastering the Picture Book. A single book needs a thousand ideas!  ~ Create your own new work and a first paragraph. Building on the hundreds of ideas needed to create a single picture book, how they can fit together to create a story worth sharing with the world. (This is not an assessment of an older book brought to the masterclass but a new book through fresh eyes!)

12:50       45 min      Lunch

13:35       90 min       Jackie French ~ Master Class Continued

 15:15     15 min       Afternoon Tea

15:30       45 min       Natalie Hatch ~ The Adolescent Brain ~ What drives adolescence and how to incorporate this into your writing.

16:15       60 Min       Publishers Panel ~ The real process behind the editor looking at your submission. ~ Editors talk about how they look at your work on submission and what goes through their heads, the time it takes for deliberation etc. before you receive the dreaded rejection letter or the golden ticket.Close of Conference. All attend as conference registration number wins a prize.

17:15        15 Min    Close of Conference. All attend as conference registration number wins a prize. 

Studio 2

11:05       90 min       Felicity Vallence~  Marketing for the creative mind ~ Explore strategies on creating a genuine voice on our social media and branding as an author, and enjoying engaging with your audience.

12:50       45 min      Lunch

13:35       90 min       Shaun Tan ~ Stripping It back to bare bones with Shaun Tann ~ Shaun Tan explores the general philosophical approach to story-telling, the importance of editing and leaving out as much as you put in. Explaining the process from conception to final book completion in a nutshell, and how changes over the years with technology have had their advantages and disadvantages. By interaction with the class, Shaun will explore the problems participants are grappling with, from creative to publishing issues, and sharing what he can about his own positive and negative experiences. It is recommended that anyone attending his class please check out Shaun’s website first - - especially FAQ, so that subsequent questions can be more particular. (This is via a SKYPE LINK - not an onsite presenter.) 

 15:15     15 min       Afternoon Tea

15:30       45 min       Nadine Bates ~  Alternative places and Interactive Books ~ How to get your stories into alternate places - not just traditional publishers.

Everyone return to Studio 1 for Publishers Panel and Close of Conference


Studio 3

11:05       90 min    Phil Kettle ~Write a story that kids chose to pick up and read by choice ~ Phil Kettle helps create the bare bones of an exciting concept for a story with you that kids will want topics up and read - by choice.

12:50       45 min      Lunch

13:35       90 min       Jacqueline Harvey ~ Write an empowering series, within the middle grade (upper primary, lower secondary) demographic ~ Join Jacqueline Harvey in learning what is required to write compelling stories that keep your readers coming back for more. 

15:15     15 min       Afternoon Tea

Everyone return to Studio 1 or 2 for next session 

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