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Carolyn Martinez is the Director of Hawkeye Publishing + Hawkeye Books, the Founder & Co-ordinator of Brisbane Book Authors, and Author of 6 books.
Carolyn has run Hawkeye Publishing Pty Ltd since 2002. It started as a community newspaper, and later morphed into a communications consultancy, and hub for assisting self-published authors. Their expertise includes editing, design, advertising and publicity.

Submit your Author Bio, 1-page synopsis, 1-page marketing plan, and first 50 pages. In the case of picture books, submit whole. All submissions receive written feedback.

Hawkeye offers a full suite of writing and editing services, including corporate communications, superior styled resumes and job applications, author coaching, and manuscript editing. View our full suite of Services, Prices and Testimonials.

Hawkeye Publishing is currently accepting submissions for superior:

  • Adult Non-Fiction

  • Junior Reader Non-Fiction

  • YA Non-Fiction, and

  • Serialised YA or Junior Reader Fiction

  • for consideration to be represented by us.

  • Read our Submission Guidelines carefully before submitting.

Work must be submitted using the form link emailed to you after your session is booked by 23 JUNE 2019.
Note: NO CONTRACTS will be signed during CYA Conference. 

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