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This week's news.

The Presenters are Coming!

We're in the process of finalising the presenters for this year's conference and we're more than a little excited to announce that we've managed to secure some name that we've been trying to get for ages. Keep an eye on your inbox and social media as they will start to be announced over the coming weeks.

There's is an Order to Things

We recently got asked who gets to hear the news first when there's a new release coming.

The answer is:

  • Anyone with a pre-booking (please note that gift vouchers will no longer qualify for 2022 bookings as we're winding down this year's pre-booking program).

  • Anyone who’s already bought a conference ticket. This is via CYA 2022 Conference Attendees Group, so it’s worth checking your notification settings. The group is open to anyone who has already purchased their 2022 conference or bootcamp ticket. You can request access to the group once you have booked your conference ticket or a bootcamp.

  • Blog post & newsletter

  • Social media

New Assessment Releases

Five more editors are now open for bookings, check out their pages to see what they are interested in assessing.

Bootcamp Update

After the Clare Hallifax picture book group sold out in a couple of days, we've added a second date of 17th July.

Please be aware that there will be no discussion panel or Q&A on the 17th July Bootcamp. You will be able to join these sessions on the 24th July.

Competition Update

Well done to those of you who have already got your entries in. Your efforts are appreciated.

If you haven't entered yet you can find out all the details on the competitions page.


If you are interested in helping with the judging please register via the website. As per 2020 & 2021 you can pay for your whole conference by helping out with the judging.

Getting Your Submissions Ready

There is still time to register for next week's session to on 'Getting your submissions ready' where you can get some useful tips and tricks on how to make your submission as polished as possible


and the CYA Team.

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