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Bootcamp bookings are open

Bookings for this year's on-site writers and illustrators bootcamps are now open. 22 April is Online, and 09 July is in person.

Bootcamps are a whole day spent with an editor where you will receive feedback on your work in small group sessions, time to work on your manuscripts followed by a progress session where they will give you further feedback, there is also a discussion panel, and a Q&A session. Places for the Bootcamp are strictly limited to four people per group, with each editor working with two groups.

Groups will be divided into

  • Adults Novels (Group 2)

  • Chapter Books & Young Adult Novels (Group 1)

  • Illustrations

  • Picture Books (Group 2 & Group 3)

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Rhonda Ooi
Rhonda Ooi
18 мар. 2023 г.

I have just tried to upload my manuscript for my bootcamp with Crystal Corocher, but her name is not in the drop down box. The names that are there don’t seems to correspond with the Bootcamp editors.

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