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We've got a new website!

We're so excited to present our new sparkly website. It's been a while in the making, and we hope you like it as much as we do. We still have a big job bringing all the archives forward into the new site, and some decisions as to what to bring in and what not to, so it will be an ongoing project for the next few months.

As promised, when the new website went live, we have finally incorporated all the results from the 2018 CYA Competition, so if you go to the 2018 COMPETITIONS page and have a look you, you can see the full listings for each section.

Congratulations again to everybody for just putting your work out there for somebody else to give their opinion on, it's really hard to do that sometimes as a writer and as an illustrator, and I applaud you all.

Remember not to compare yourself to others, but rather to see your improvements/things that didn’t work, and ways that you can use this information you've gained, to push yourself further and further as a creative person.

A few other things quickly while I have your attention…

Just making sure everybody is aware that next year we are doing two days of CYA Conference. The 6th and 7th July 2019. The first day being our regular children and young adults, and the second day (Sunday) being: Everything is a genre ~ for writers of the adult markets.

We hope that everybody loves the new program and that we can continue to provide you with professional development no matter which genre and where you are, in your career in literature.

We have had many successes stories happen in the last year, and so many after the conference this year. Now that the new website is up and running we will be showcasing these success stories soon.

Thank you, everyone, for being so patient with the results and with the new website. It sure took a while longer than we hoped, but we hope you are all really happy with it.

Keep writing. Keep illustrating. Keep creating magic!

See ya later!

Tina and the amazing CYA Conference team

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