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Happy New Year

Hope you all had a wonderful festive season and that 2024 holds many wonders and delights for you.

As most of you will be aware by now the 2024 conference has moved locations into the centre of the Brisbane CBD which means the sessions, bootcamps, dinner and accomodation are all under one roof which will give us all more opportunities to network.

Seven more agents and editors have opened for bookings, bring the number to 25 (and yes there's still more to come). So hopefully something for everyone.

There are seven in person bootcamps on the 07th of July, and a total of eight online bootcamps on the 2nd and 3rd of March, with some of them already sold out.

Payment plans

We're once again offering the opportunity to spread the cost of the conference, assessments and bootcamps over the coming months.

For assessments and bootcamps use the promo codes fort or month.

For the hybrid conference use the promo codes FORT24H or MONTH24H.

For the online conference use the promo codes FORT24L or MONTH24L.

The Royal on the Park have offered us a group discount.

You can use the discount code group15 on their website for 15% off any of their advertised rates.

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