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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Editor updates

Bookings are now open for Rowena Beresford from Yellow Brick Books on the 3rd July, and Michelle Madden from Penguin Random House has just added two more days of assessments on the last weekend of the conference.

Program Update

If you're a blog reader you've probably already taken a look at this year's program. If not you can can check it out here.

20 March Bootcamp

We have had one place become available in in Suzanna's picture book group on the 20th March. If you know of anyone who may been interested they still have one week to book and get their work in.

CYA Successes

We're so excited to add two more wonderful people to the CYA Success page.

To find out all about Amy Adeney and Inda Ahmad Zahri's journeys make sure you check out the success pages.

Also on the success front, we're heard via the grape vine that there are several success stories hiding in the shadows. We'd love to add you to the wall so please step forward so we can share your exciting news.


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