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5 More Editors Join the 2021 Conference

That's right. Another five editors have opened for assessments covering every age group and genre.

Julia Carlomagno from Black Inc. is looking at fiction and memoir stories with an original voice, compelling characters and enough drama to sustain a reader's (and her) interest. She particularly likes literary fiction or stories with heart for adult readers, or memoirs based on real amazing stories about true events.

For nonfiction (excluding memoir): a unique idea or concept, and evidence of building an audience for the book online or in real life. She is particularly on the lookout for books on big social trends or ideas that can spark cultural conversations, nature and science writing, or activism and politics.


Kate Stevens from Hachette Australia will be looking at: picture books, illustration portfolios, children’s non-fiction, middle-grade fiction and junior fiction in her 2021 one-on-one assessments. She’s particularly interested in non-fiction manuscripts and picture books that tug at the heartstrings.


Mary Anastasiou & Crystal Corocher are both from Larrikin House, and this is the first time Larrikin House has opened to junior and middle-grade submissions.

Mary will be assessing all types of picture book submissions, and illustration portfolios preferably pitched to a younger audience.

Crystal likes quirky and/or hilarious junior and middle-grade fiction with developing readers in mind. Short stories are welcomed and she's only too happy to also assess early readers too.


Clair Hume from UQP is looking for manuscripts with fresh voices, unforgettable characters, and energised narratives. She has a soft spot for truly funny stories, non-fiction with an ingenious twist, and exciting illustrations.


With 37 agents and editors doing assessment so far this year we hope we have found someone that meets what you need.

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